Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cake Pops for my Valentine

Hi baking loves! So this is my second post on Majesty Bakes Cakes, woot woot! I haven't been baking very much these past weeks, work has been so busy and I just couldn't find the time. Until.......Valentine's Day of course!

So - i've only made cake pops once before. I use the Baby Cakes cake pop maker which was a gift from my boyfriend's parents - it's adorable (and purple)! It's fairly easy to use, but I found the biggest challenge wasn't baking the actual cake - it was these damn candy melts!! I've been warned about candy melts before from others, but I guess you just don't understand how difficult they can be until you use them on your own. Though the end product came out great (Greg was very happy!) spending 4 hours on a Monday night after my dance class slaving over candy melts wasn't ideal. I'm not sure if practice makes perfect, or if melts are challenging for everyone to use? I'll admit, cupcakes are my baking specialty. I am trying to branch out into making other things, so getting this cake pop maker was perfect. Nonetheless, I love to bake and I especially love baking for people that I love. Who can be in a bad mood when they have dessert??!

See below for the mayhem, madness, and triumph of cake pop creation:

The end result! Don't they look pretty?! =) The green and pink candy melts are Vanilla, and the middle one is Dark Cocoa. I made a basic vanilla cake which was very light and fluffy. Melts, candy wraps and ribbon all available at Michael's craft store

I brought a few to work for Valentine's Day - my team wasn't complaining about it! The plastic candy wraps kept them intact during my commute to work.

Hmmm OK so now onto the "fun" part! This was my first attempt at using the candy melts. As you can tell, complete disaster ahhh!! After I dipped the pops in candy melt, I wasn't sure how to let them dry without destroying them. I put them on a plate. Yeah, not the best idea. They all stuck to the plate and I ended up losing most of them. So sad! Thankfully I made about 4 dozen cake pops so I was able to remedy the situation.

Tin foil! Yes, why didn't I think of that? This worked out nicely. The bottom of the pops were kind of flat, but I didn't mind since I put the stick in the bottom. I stuck them in the refrigerator for a few minutes to speed up the drying process. Green is Greg's favorite color, if you guys are wondering about the random color choice ha! I thought they looked like little "monster pops" instead =)

The Cocoa pops were delicious! The combination of vanilla cake and rich chocolate just rocks. They reminded me a lot of the Entenmann's donuts my grandmother used to buy us as kids.

The infamous melts! I used Wilton's candy melts, if anyone has something they like better let me know!

The end

Hope you guys enjoyed my cake pop post! I'm going to try to start baking more, and that means more posts for you to read! Until next time...


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