Tuesday, April 24, 2012

This Weekend - Belated Easter Eggs, Funfetti, Family & Champagne

This weekend was a blast!! I had some family over the apartment for our 2nd Annual Easter Egg party. Yes, I know it's a few weeks late but dyeing Easter eggs is still a fun spring activity right? We had lots of laughs, champagne, awkward dancing and of course, what party would be complete without cupcakes? See photos of the fun below!

I made my fiance's favorite - funfetti cupcakes with vanilla icing! I was quite impressed with these "no fade" cupcake papers. I never noticed how much the papers fade once you put them in the oven. These pink ones stayed pretty and bright, and looked cute with the white icing!

Funfetti fresh out of the oven!

Baked mac and cheese. This is my mother's recipe which I tweaked a bit. Instead of elbows, I used ziti just to change it up. I used sharp cheddar cheese to make the sauce (along with all other ingredients), and topped it off with pecorino romano cheese and bread crumbs (which I MIGHT have over did it on but it was still pretty good)

Our Easter eggs! Our mini party comprised of my bro and his girl, my sis and my love had such a blast coloring these. Can you spot the annual "poo" egg? I know, real mature.

A champagne toast to family and new beginnings for all!

Sibling love! Not sure why i'm the only one holding an egg ha.

My fiance and I!! I love you.

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!!!


  1. YUM!!
    I'm currently starving, so I don't know why I chose to check out this post right now..

  2. I'm starving as well, and this post made my mouth water. I could totally destroy that whole pan of mac and cheese right now lol. Looks like so much fun - you look so pretty!!

    And yay, Funfetti!

  3. haha thanks so much dolls!! you're the best! <3