Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Looking for the BEST Donuts Ever? Your Search is Over!

Everyone has that food or dessert that reminds them strongly of their childhood. Judickies Bakery in Bayonne NJ does that for me. Every Sunday dinner, holiday or birthday, my grandparents would stop at this fabulous local bakery and pick up the most delicious donuts on the planet. “Dunkin Donuts donuts are great too!” you argue. They are. But there’s something manufactured about Dunkin Donuts and chain bakeries to me.

Judickies donuts are different. They taste like…a little Italian woman is in the back rolling out the dough and preparing them by hand with care. Deep frying them. Choosing what sprinkles to decorate the tops with. Putting the new batch in the front bakery window. They taste like LOVE. As an adult, my eyes still light up when my grandmother brings a dozen to a family gathering. They are just as good as the first day I bit into one. If you are remotely in the area of Bayonne, do yourself a favor and treat yourself to a sprinkle donut!

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