Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Tiger Tomato on Youtube - The Coolest Pancake Art on the Planet

Hi friends! I found this insanely cool youtube channel and wanted to share. It combines my two favorite things - art and baking/cooking. This father and son duo created the youtube channel TigerTomato - they create all different types of cartoon character pancakes and I can't stop watching their videos!

Sonic has always been one of my favorite video game characters!
I mean come on, how is this even edible?! It's so perfect!

Their tutorials are short, to the point, and so damn creative. (I never really mastered anything close to pancake art - just half-assed attempts at lopsided pancake hearts).

I love people who re imagine classic food items into something unbelievable.  Seeing these familiar characters appear on a frying pan is really super neat. To watch, here is the link to their site:
Tiger Tomato

See below for some still shots of their work. Count me as a fan!

Thanks for reading!

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