Monday, June 6, 2016

Fruity Pebbles and Trix Mini Donuts

Hi guys! It’s been awhile, I know. I will try to be better about posting all of our culinary adventures!

This was my 4th year participating in my company’s bake sale. It’s something people look forward to all year. This year I was on the committee and we really went all out – silent auction, raffle tickets, pretty pink décor (for BCA), etc. I wanted to think of something a little out of the box. Year after year I’ve seen much of the same items – cupcakes, cookies, pies. Although these are all GREAT things for a bake sale (and for life in general) I wanted mine to stand out. I wanted to make something really colorful and eye catching, so what’s a girl to do? I started Pinteresting any and all ideas. Enter: these adorabley instagram worthy mini donuts.

I’ve found that in years prior, the mini/bite sized items are the best sellers at our sale. People like to sample an array of treats, so making items smaller makes it easier for people to try multiple things (and not feel as guilty if you’re into that sort of thing). ANYWAY, I had the idea of topping my mini donuts with colorful cereal. I have seen this on social media – there’s a bakery on the Jersey shore that does this and I thought it was kind of genius. So no, not a completely original idea on my part but they did come out pretty cute! They all sold out and I was happy about that (all many goes to charity). The donuts themselves are regular vanilla donuts with a vanilla glaze (original recipe here). They make look small, but the bite packs a big punch – the soft, sweet donut with the crunchy cereal makes chowing down on one of these so satisfying. I used Fruity Pebbles cereal and Trix cereal as the toppings, but you can use whatever cereal you’d like!

PRO tip: If you make the donuts the night before, that’s OK (I put mine in a sealed Tupperware). Just don’t top them with the cereal until the day you are serving them. I read this tip and it makes so much sense – the cereal will definitely get soggy if it’s sitting on top of the glaze overnight. The best part of these is the crunchy cereal, so don’t make that mistake! The other tip is not to fill the donut cavity too much. I struggle with this every time I bake! If you fill them with too much batter, your donuts will end up looking more like misshapen cupcakes vs. donuts. I made extra just in case I didn’t like how a few of them came out.

Here they are displayed at the bake sale!

Thanks for reading! Will post again soon!

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