Wednesday, March 21, 2012

How to Core a Cupcake...and Fill it with Fun Stuff!

Hi all! This little cupcake plunger is going to change your cupcake life! Coring a cupcake and filing it with something delicious gives it an extra kick! It's very easy to use, and kinda fun too. One of my best friends gave it to me as a gift and I use it all the time. See below for step by step and some cupcake fun!

Here it is! I made chocolate cupcakes, and put them in the refrigerator overnight. You want to make sure the cupcakes are completely cooled before you remove the core, or else they will fall apart.

And off we go! For a normal sized cupcake, I would suggest going to the second line of the cupcake plunger as seen above. You don't want to take too much cake from the middle, or else your filing might come out the bottom or your cake could collapse =)

Using a twisting motion (think turning a door nob back and forth) remove the plunger from the cake. You don't need to use the top springy part of the plunger just yet. Let the extra cake sit tight in there, we are going to use it again later. And there you have it! You're ready to start filing..

Yum!!! I filled my cupcakes with Nutella - I think the chocolate cake combined with the chocolatey/nutty Nutella taste is a killer combo. I added the Nutella with a spoon, but you could also use the bag filing method (i'm sure it's a lot less messy!) There are so many other filings you could use as well - whipped cream, fruit, fudge, even ice cream if served quickly. These cupcakes are a favorite of my coworkers, so I made them again!

Remember the excess cake that the plunger removed? We're going to put it back in on top of the filing. Using the springy part of the plunger, simply hold it over your cupcake and push the spring all the way down. This will cause the extra cake to be pushed out and added back to the top of your cupcake. After all, we want to salvage every last bit of cake we can get right?

Almost done! All cupcakes have been cored, filled, and topped off with the excess cake. Too bad they look a bit ugly, no? We can fix that...

With icing! Simply frost over the cracks left by the cupcake plunger, and you will have a gorgeous, magnificent cupcake! I applied mine with a knife, but it's of course your preference. I got this buttercream frosting recipe from the side of the sugar box, and I'm really happy with the way it came out! See below for recipe.

The frosting is very creamy and light, exactly what I was going for. I wanted the Nutella to be the star of this cupcake, and didn't want the frosting to be too overpowering. This buttercream was a nice balance.

Off to work we go! I commute into Manhattan for work every day, and this cupcake carrier has been a life saver! It holds 24 cupcakes, and is very sturdy. I bought this one at Target.

That's all for now, hope you guys enjoyed my post! Comment with any questions or cupcake love! xoxo


  1. YUM!!
    This cupcake plunger is so useful! & the cupcake carrier is adorable!

    Your blog is going to make me get into baking now haha :)

  2. thanks love! it's totally easy, I can teach you =)