Monday, March 5, 2012

This Weekend - Birthdays and Desserts Galore

Hi friends! Hope everyone had an excellent weekend. Mine was awesome, very busy! I had two birthdays this weekend, so everyone knows what that means - me baking my butt off all night on Friday! I made vanilla cupcakes with milk chocolate frosting (will post recipes later), and the infamous vanilla cake pops with vanilla and chocolate candy melts. With the cupcakes, I was trying to experiment with different decorations and icing techniques. Check out the photos below!

A friend of mine got me a big jar of multi-colored sprinkles, so naturally I had a field day with them. I thought the bright blue sprinkles looked pretty against the chocolate icing!

Ooohhh ahhhh =) I bought new cupcake cups as well, TJ Maxx had a set of 75 in 3 different polka dot shades. I used the blue and pink, there is also black with white polka dots.

Instead of piping on the icing with a bag, I used the knife technique to get a more home made look. Some people don't like a ton of toppings on their cupcake, so using a knife gave it just enough icing.

Non perrels, or more commonly known as Snow Caps. I thought this dressed up the cupcake a bit. I also like buying the small non perrels and use them to make different designs on the top of cupcakes.

Purple sprinkles and pink cupcake paper! I went easy on the sprinkles because I think it looks prettier that way. A cupcake surely fit for a princess =)

Just plain vanilla cake ha! My cousin, Michael turned 18 this weekend. And he loves cake - just no icing AT ALL. So in honor of him, I left a few cupcakes plain.

Here are some of the cakes at the party! I always like giving people choices - leaving some plain without any toppings, and some that have fun stuff on the top!

If you are faint of heart, then look away from this cake. This is what you would call a baking DON'T. My aunt made these beautiful layer cakes and asked me if I would help her decorate them. "I'd be happy to!" I said. Needless to say, we didn't have enough blue icing to finish the word "Birthday." After hysterically laughing for a few minutes, my brother, boyfriend and cousin attempted to remedy the situation - by writing the A and Y in MINTS. The cake of course tasted great but we couldn't stop laughing at how the cake looked. Oh and my brother made a mint "balloon" on the top cake, in case you were wondering what the hell that was.

It was also Greg's momma's birthday this weekend! We went out to a nice restaurant, and they brought her a beautiful dessert - 3 types of sorbet and they wrote Happy Birthday to her in chocolate! Looks a lot better than the job I did on that poor cake huh?

Hope you enjoyed the post, thanks for reading! xoxo

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