Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Mini Dessert Inspiration - Mini Strawberry Shortcakes!

I could not take my eyes off of this little treat - how adorable is it?! We went to brunch for Mother's Day to the Chandelier Restaurant in Bayonne, NJ. They had a beautiful spread of food, but I have to say the dessert bar was the most impressive. Aside from these cutesy strawberry shortcakes, they had an ice cream bar, various cakes, cupcakes, Jello, and even a chocolate fountain. Talk about eye candy!

I've always loved mini cupcakes - great for parties or large groups, people don't feel like they are eating "too much," pop one in your mouth and go. This little shortcake made me want to experiment with different mini cakes. To be continued!

Here are some more fun photos from brunch!

 My beautiful little cousin Laura getting her chocolate fountain fix!
Love this kid.

 Chocolate. Fountain. 
What is more awesome than one of this at brunch? Besides alcohol...

 Jello for daysssssssssss

The 4 of us! We are the best.

Thanks for reading!

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