Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Shane Confectionary - A Must See Vintage Gem!

I made a trip out to Philly last weekend, and knew one of my stops had to be the historic Shane Confectionary on Market Street. I read about the owners remarkable story (and of course, their candy) in Food Network magazine and was dying to check it out. A quick history: The brothers (Eric and Ryan Berley) bought Shane, which was the oldest continuously operated candy store in AMERICA since the late 1800’s. After a laborious restoration process, they re-opened it in 2011 to it’s beautiful, original glory. The vintage cabinets, the original floors, the beautiful old fashioned candy jars, even the employees are dressed for the time period. It really is a site to see. And I didn’t even get to the candy yet!

The shelves are chock full of hundreds of favorites and vintage classics, some of which are even made upstairs in what they call a “candy loft.” The shop launches you into nostalgia, even though I was clearly not alive in the late 1800’s. Our group had a really tough time choosing what we wanted to try – it seemed like the possibilities were ENDLESS. We decided on a small box of assorted chocolates of our choice (photo below). My favorite was the peanut butter sticks – think Reece’s peanut butter cup but 10 times better and crunchy. Check out below for some pretty photos of Shane Confectionary! I would highly recommend making the stop if you are ever in Philly. They also have a really neat blog - http://shanecandies.com/blog.

Does this look like a sight for sore eyes or what!

Chocolate on chocolate on chocolate

The back of the shop. They even serve fresh hot chocolate!

Back of the shop

One of the many beautiful handmade creations

Love the vibrant colors

They even got into the Halloween spirit with chocolate bats and candy pumpkin pops!

They even got into the Halloween spirit with chocolate bats and candy pumpkin pops! 

 Cash register that they actually still use!
Our riches. The long ones are my favorite peanut butter sticks!!

One more item off my bucket list! Hope you guys enjoyed!

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