Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Insomnia Cookies = Getting Cookies Delivered Straight to Your Face

Are you a late night snack lover? Do you live in New York or Philly? Do you love cookies? Do you love getting cookies delivered right to your FACE with little to no effort? Look no further – Insomnia Cookies has your back.

Probably the most ingenious service to ever grace earth, Insomnia Cookies delivers deliciousness directly to your door, and are open late. Like really late (3am!) Founded in a college dorm room (are you really surprised?) the company now has 70 locations and are still expanding. Late night study session? Cookies. Watching the game, hungry but can’t miss a beat? Cookies. Drunk Saturdays for no reason? Cookies. Think you get the idea.

Another thing I love – everything can be done online. Choosing the cookies (get a variety or all the same), pay and track your order all from their website. No cash, no phone calls. Just complete, unadulterated laziness and cookie consumption. And if you think they overlook important details, think again – they also serve cold milk.

1 comment:

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