Monday, January 7, 2013

Mini 3 Tiered Wedding Cake - My First Attempt!

Mini 3 Tiered Wedding Cake! 

I got this awesome little pan from Amazon and couldn't wait to try it out! It makes 2 mini cakes at a time. I also wanted to experiment more with my Wilton Food Gel, so a lot of baking fun was had this weekend! I made a vanilla cake, and colored the batter with 3 different color gels. I topped it off with an orange buttercream frosting, and of course had to color the icing orange =) The colored tiers didn't come out exactly as I'd hoped, but it still tasted good! See below for more photos!

Started off by making a simple vanilla cake batter. 
Next time, I will only use egg whites if i'm coloring the batter.

Wilton Food Gels! These really beat the pants off any food coloring I've ever used. So vibrant!
My idea was to color each tier differently. Better luck next time HA

After 50 minutes of baking (and me sweating it out) I finally took this baby out of the oven!
I searched high and low for recipes using this mini cake pan but couldn't find any.
It was tough for me to judge the bake time, since the tiers are sized so differently. 
Also, I clearly over-filled the pan! Looks kind of like a muffin =)

Here it issssssssss! So the purple color really didn't translate too well,
the orange and green looked a lot better.
As you can see, I have to get more practice on properly filing the tiers.
I trimmed off the excess from the bottom so the little cake could stand on its own!

The inside! The colors look a lot more vibrant inside the cake. 
I will definitely be using the purple again!

My orange buttercream frosting! My fiance really likes citrus-type desserts, so I made this for him

Finished mini cake! 
It's a bit hard to see the layers, next time I might try a different icing that's easier to decorate with.
Still think it's pretty cute, I will post more photos if I try again!

Hope you guys enjoyed, and that everyone is getting through Monday the best they can!


  1. Looks awesome and delicious! Is your pan by a brand named Chicago Metallic? I was looking at this too on Amazon.

  2. hi doll! Mine is called 2 CUP NON-STICK 3 TIERED CAKE PAN and I got it on Amazon! My pan only makes 2 cakes at a time, I've seen others that makes 4. Good luck! =)

  3. Thank you doll! May I also just ask how much batter did it take? The 4 cup one uses a whole box of cake mix or a whole batch of homemade cake batter. One of those feed 2 people. Just curious of how the portions of the 2 cup compares to the 4 cup. It looks pretty big to me :-).

  4. I used a recipe that makes 24 cupcakes, and used most of the batter for ONE mini cake - they are big! As you can see by the photo, I had to do a lot of trimming since I overfilled it! So if you're using a box of cake mix, I'd suggest using 3/4 of the box for one mini cake. Hope this helps!

  5. What temperature did you cook on ???

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