Monday, January 7, 2013

PINK Chocolate Chip Cookies! Photos and Recipe!

They came out so beautiful right?! Ever since joining Pinterest, my life has taken a drastic turn into non-productive land. All I want to do is look up 1000 recipes, and bake them all at once. To say i'm obsessed would pretty much cover it.

I've seen a new fad going around the Pinterest world - pink chocolate chip cookies! I thought it was such an adorable idea, and had to try it out for myself. I just bought Wilton's Food Coloring Gel (below) and could not wait to try them out. They are like food coloring on steroids, seriously. If you want very strong colors, it takes a large amount of food coloring to achieve it. A few drops of this gel and wow! Bright pink, beautiful cookies woohoo! 

I found the chocolate chip cookie recipe on Pinterest as well, they are so soft and doughy, I prefer them this way! I used about 3 drops of the pink gel to achieve the bright pink color. Happy baking!

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