Tuesday, January 1, 2013

NYE Cake Pops!

Hi all! My cousin and I made these adorable cake pops for NYE this year! Check out the below for more photos, recipes and fun!

Red velvet cake pop with vanilla buttercream icing (a dash of green food coloring)
and some pretty pink sparkling sugar!

My new cake pop stand - thanks Mel!! This stand doubles as a cupcake stand too.
I have the BabyCakes Cake Pop Maker - it's so easy to use!
After you make the batter, the pops only bake 4-5min and they're done!

Experimenting with different sparkling sugars
These sugars really stick to the icing and don't fall off

Cake pop recipe - I took this from the booklet that came with the BabyCakes Cake Pop Maker
I've made most of the recipes from this booklet and they are all awesome!

My sparkling sugars. This thing is so fun and can be used for cupcakes, cake pops, donuts, cakes, etc.
Hope everyone had a fantastic New Year's!!

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