Monday, October 21, 2013

Bloody Vodka Shirley Temple

Hi Halloween lovers! We made this scary cocktail to keep us company while pumpkin carving! Super easy and not a lot of ingredients!

Equal parts vodka and Sprite or 7-UP (less vodka if you don’t want it as strong)
Grenadine in a test tube
Martini glass

Combine soda and vodka together in shaker with ice. Shake lightly. Pour into martini glass. Pour in Grenadine as desired.

And you’re done! I saw this recipe on Pinterest, but instead of a test tube they used a syringe. Pretty cute stuff! The Grenadine will settle to the bottom, giving the drink a cool two phased effect. You can leave it like that, or mix it together. I found the test tubes on sale at Michael’s craft store for cheap, great find. Hope you guys enjoy!

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